Home From Haiti

Sister Kathleen arrived on Saturday, February 12th for a week long visit to the Provincialate after serving in Haiti since August.  An evening gathering around the community room with the taste of good ol’ American pizza provided her the opportunity to share her experience of living in Haiti and caring for over 40 young children who are orphans.  The lack of resources and the threat of cholera makes her ministry extra challenging, not to mention the language – although Kathleen glibly slipped in a few Creole phrases as she told the stories.  The Province is grateful for Kathleen’s openness to be a healing presence to the people of Haiti.  The song Lord, You Have Come contains the line “O’ Lord, with your eyes set upon me, gently smiling, you have spoken my name; all I longed for I have found by the water, at your side, I will seek other shores.”  It is fitting that this is one of Kathleen’s favorite songs!

Sr. Kathleen (left) with Sr. Kathryn Rose
(left to right) Sr. Anita, Sr. Kathleen and Sr. Sophia
CSR Group Photo - Sr. Kathleen is 2nd from left in the top row