Week of January 6th

Note: from now on this blog site with offer weekly postings about events of each week.  Check back weekly for updates.  Brief updates will be posted on the Sisters’ Facebook page.

The Feast of the Epiphany started this week with several events. Students from Niagara University in NY joined us for a week of service.  On Sunday they donned aprons and got acquainted with the Provincialate kitchen as they prepared over 40 meals for Aid for Friends.  They then proceeded to cook up a delicious dinner for the Sisters!

Following the dinner the students, Sisters, Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteers, and Resident Associates gathered in the chapel for evening prayer.  The three wise men even showed up following the star!

Immediately after, the blessing of a new local community took place at the Provincialate as our older members joined with some of our other Sisters to form a more active community life.  Not too surprisingly they took the name Epiphany Community.  We wish them happy beginnings.
On Monday, the students from Niagara University volunteered at one of our food cupboards and then returned to help harvest vegetables in the Sisters’ community garden for delivery to the food cupboard the next day.  Amazing that crops are still growing in the cool weather.  The students went on the volunteer at Drueding Center, a transitional housing facility for women and their children experiencing homelessness.  The Sisters began this ministry in the 1980’s.  The students will continue to visit various ministries throughout the week to offer their presence and service.

The revelation of Christ to the world continues to fill our days with hope and joy.

Niagara University and Ephipany 012