Week of January 13th – “Baptism of the Lord”

This week began with the Feast  of the Baptism of the Lord.  An appropriate beginning to National Vocation Awareness Week.  As Jesus heard the voice of God, “You are my beloved son,” so each of us have been called at our Baptism.  We are called to receive this truth and to follow God’s unique invitation for each of us.  How will we live out of this love?  As a religous Sister, Brother or Priest?  As a single faith-filled person?  As a married person and parent?  A week to grow in listening and awareness.  To celebrate this week, the Sister in vocation ministry participate in vocation days at local schools yesterday and today – high school and elementary.

Redeemer Associates, men and women desiring to deepen their spirituality and faith by connecting with the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer, gathered to celebrate their vocations at the monthly Associate Gathering last evening.  The gathering began with a beautiful prayer service celebrating the gifts of our faith with the symbols of water, light, scriptures and God’s love and ongoing work in our lives.

The Baptism of the Lord also marks the end of the Christmas Season.  Thus began the un-decorating of the Provincialate and Sisters’ convents.  The ordinary season of the Church has returned – but we come transformed from the celebration of the incarnation. It is and extraordinary season now!

It has been a grace-filled week so far!  Please keep the Sisters and their particular vocation in your prayers.  Thank you!