Week of January 20th – A call to conversion!

The scripture readings from Sunday, January 20th hold a message about each persons unique call and our call to ongoing conversion; growing deeper in faith, especially the Wedding Feast at Cana when Jesus appears to accept his unique call to reveal God’s mission and purpose by performing the first miracle – converting water into wine – the ordinary into the extraordinary!

This week began with the remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  The Sisters, Holy Redeemer Health System Employees, Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteers and Redeemer Associates celebrated his life and message (his unique call of loving God and his brothers and sisters) by participating in a day of service.  One location was the Sisters’ ministry to women and children experiencing homelessness.  A Food Cupboard is being established there so volunteers transformed a room by painting  the walls and ceiling where the Food Cupboard will soon be operating.

Midweek the Sisters gathered for their monthly meeting and sharing.  Here they learned more about human trafficking and the horrifying effect on the most vulnerable, especially women and children living in poverty.  Here was another call to conversion; to ponder how God wants us to respond in a unique way to the desperate needs of others.  Learning is the beginning.

At the end of the week, the feast of the conversion of St. Paul, ushered in the annual retreat for new members and Sisters in formation.  Our Postulant and First Professed Sisters participated in the weekend retreat with the theme of embracing vulnerability in order to live the unique call to be wounded healers:  to serve  compassionately out of one’s personal experience of the human condition.  As St. Paul experienced his own vulnerability in his encounter with Christ, he was also given new sight in his blindness.

Awareness of who we are in the light of God’s love is the seed bed for ongoing conversion.

Transforming a room into a Food Cupboard ministry