Week of February 17th – the Gift of the Word

“The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart -” Romans 10:8

Often  Jesus turned to scripture in his prayer, teaching and times of need.  Perhaps after his fasting in the desert for 40 days all he had left to hold on to was the scriptures in his mind and heart when approached by temptations.  And this was enough.

What has been the experience of the “word” for the Sisters this week?

The monthly gathering of Redeemer Associates and Sisters focused on the invitation to have a courageous heart.  A movie entitled “A Courageous Heart” was viewed to explore this theme – about a young woman rescuing children in Poland during the Holocaust.  Her strength and inspiration came from remembering the words and example of her father.

Later in the week some of the Sisters watched the movie “Lincoln” – an example of another individual that remained faithful to his words and vision of freedom even when unpopular.

Also this week several employees in leadership positions through the Sisters’ sponsored ministries gathered to hear words spoken by one of the Sisters about the spirit, mission and history of the Congregation – the foundation for all the work that is continued in the name of the Redeemer.

The three Sisters in leadership took time to step away for conversation, reflection and prayer – to listen to the words of Spirit as we enter more deeply into this new year.

As we draw closer to Spring gardeners in the Sisters community garden met for planning and a garden documentary film.  May the words of preparation be the  seeds that help bear a fruitful harvest.

Daily Mass provides the opportunity for the Sisters to proclaim and listen to the words of scripture as the day begins.  It is a time to reflect on the words we will share with one another and all those we encounter during the day. Words have the power to lift up, inspire, and give hope or they can tear down.
The Gospel according to John begins with a description of the Word – the Word who came to dwell among us.  The Word that is God.  During this season of Lent let us call upon the name of Jesus – the Word; let us reflect upon Jesus described in the scriptures  to center, to focus, to be enlightened, to be guided and strengthened for the daily journey.