Week of February 24th – revelations, transfiguarations, and ordinary moments

Ever had the experience of being asked “How are you?  What’s new?”  and all you can think is “I guess I’m fine and nothing really is going on, but life is good – how do  I respond?”

Most days are fairly ordinary and have a familiar routine.  In the midst of this we listen to the gospel of the Transfiguration (Luke 9) or the reading of God’s promise to Abraham (Genesis 15) and perhaps wonder what such experiences would mean in our lives.  Perhaps we wonder why such moments of  clarity & faith don’t happen in our lives.  Wouldn’t it just be easier if we could see and hear God’s presence guiding us?

However, we are given the words of St. Paul ” . . . we await a savior, the Lord Jesus Christ . . . stand firm in the Lord.” (Philippians 3).  We go through our lives one day at a time in faith and hope.  We are invited to experience the revelation of God in the day-to-day.

Some “ordinary” but revelatory moments in the lives of the Sisters this week:

Remembering and celebrating the life of a Sister a year after her passage into eternal life during Mass on Sunday.  Her family in our midst and the sharing of stories revealed her presence still with us to inspire and give witness of a life of faith.

Gathering together to celebrate Mass on Monday evening with Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteers, Redeemer Associates and visitors followed by a simple soup supper reminds us of the gift of community and “gathering around the table” to celebrate the presence of Jesus in our midst.

Ordinary moments in community of gathering around the table.
Ordinary moments in community of gathering around the table.

A Sister journeyed with college students for a Busy Person Retreat at a nearby campus and noticed clearly the presence of God in their sharing.

On Wednesday the Sisters gathered for their monthly “meeting” to share updates of informational, spiritual, communal aspects.  The evening began with Sisters sharing about each one’s experience of their day – a beautiful way of being community for one another.  Preparations for a significant Congregational meeting began and the work of the Spirit was sensed in the collaborative sharing and flow of events.

The evening ended with an ice cream social in honor of a young woman that has been with the Sisters for the past month from Germany as guest, as co-worker volunteering with the Sisters in their ministries, as a gentle presence inspiring each one of us.  On Thursday morning at the end of daily Mass we sent her off with a travel blessing as she began her journey home.  We are grateful for those who enter into our lives and leave with us the awareness of “entertaining angels.”

Some of the Sisters attended a couple of funerals for individuals connected with our ministries and Congregation this week.  The passing of a life often causes one to reflect on the promise of Jesus that our earthly bodies will be transfigured into eternal life.

And the week comes to a close with the beginning of a new month.  Let us look for the presence of God in the ordinary moments before us.