Week of March 3rd – Sacred spaces & Holy ground

The story of Moses and the burning bush started the week with reflections on those moments when we encountered the sacred and were keenly aware of God’s presence.

Holy Ground - with Michigan State University Students for a week of service
Holy Ground – with Michigan State University Students for a week of service

This past week the Sisters experienced being on Holy ground while

Serving others at our annual pancake breakfast

Welcoming students from Michigan State University for a week of service and presence throughout the Sisters’ ministries and other service in Philadelphia.  Their week included times of reflection with each other and the Sisters.  They also attended daily Mass.

Two Sisters attended a workshop in New York about the demography of the Catholic Church in the United States and the implications for Religious Life.  This was a time of deep sharing among Religious of various Congregations with moving prayer services.

Two Sisters in formation traveled to a workshop in Maryland about The Transformation of Religious Life – an opportunity to reflect on our present lived experience and leading into the future.

Two Sisters flew to our Motherhouse in Germany to participant in Congregational reflection and planning.

On Saturday the college students boarded their bus and headed back to Michigan.  The Sisters are grateful for their generous hearts and hands.  We are all changed because of our time together this week.

Looking back it has truly been a week filled with sacred times and holy ground!