Week of March 10th – New things

” . . . behold, new things have come.”  2 Cor. 5: 17 -21

These words from the 2nd Reading on Sunday, March 10th invite us to reflect on what is new or what is being made new in us and around us.

This past week the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer celebrated the new is these experiences,
The arrival of 7 college students from the University of Georgia who stayed with us for a week of service in the Sisters’ ministries and other service sites in the Philadelphia area.  They began the return journey home on Friday with a new understanding of the value of being a healing presence to others.

Students from University of Georgia prepare meals for Aid for Friends
Students from University of Georgia prepare meals for Aid for Friends

One of the Redeemer Ministry Corps members celebrated her Birthday on Tuesday and so begins a new year of life.  Happy Birthday Casey!

On Wednesday the world waited with great expectation the announcement of the new pope.  Now we welcome Pope Francis – a pope of many firsts!  May the Spirit continue to be his guide and inspiration and strength in his new ministry.

Two of the Sisters traveled to Chicago for a new experience of learning regarding the role of Religious in sponsoring ministries of health care.

On Friday 2nd grade students from a local parish school returned to the school garden at the Provincialate of the Sisters to plant seeds in the greenhouse.  Now we wait expectantly for the new life that will spring forth from these seeds to bear abundant fruit.

Gardeners have also returned to the community garden and preparation for new location of the herb garden commenced.  This was done with great energy amidst snow flurries as we await the birth of Spring.

Let us have eyes, ears, and hearts ready for all that is new each day in this coming week.