Week of March 17 – A different way of seeing

” . . . see, I am doing something new!  Now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?”  Isaiah 43:16 – 21.    Jesus sends his critics away when he looks deeper into their motives for bringing a woman caught in adultery for his judgement (John 8).

How did I, how did we, how did you, perceive the events of this past week?  We are given the opportunity to reflect on our experiences to see a deeper reality and take a more loving look.

The Sisters recall the following events:

The celebration of a Sister’s 80th Birthday – Sr. Dorothy Rose.  Dorthy means “Gift of God.”  We celebrate the gift of our Sister among us for all these years of faithful service and community living.

An annual fundraising event for one of the Sisters’ ministries of caring for the needs of single mothers experiencing homelessness brought forth the generous giving of time and resources from so many who see the deep need and the call of the Gospel.

The coming of Spring filled our hearts with hope knowing that although it is still cool and the earth barren, new life, yet unseen, is awakening – waiting to burst forth in glory.

One of the Sisters traveled to Germany to join our other Sisters from Africa, Germany and America to enter into reflective conversation and meetings as we seek to be attentive to the signs of the times, the present realities, and the gift of our Congregation in the world today.

World Water Day, celebrated internationally on March 22nd caused us to pause and be more aware of the water we take for granted and to notice the needs of those who lack access to healthy, safe water around the world.  Do we see how our use or misuse of this precious gift effects others?

And finally, the Feasts of St. Patrick and St. Joseph this past week reminded us of the gift of faith passed onto us from generations past.  We see in their lives the love of God.

St. Joseph - a man who saw a deeper reality through dreams
St. Joseph – a man who saw a deeper reality through dreams

As we begin this Holy Week, journeying with Jesus, may we see with eyes of compassion and love.