Week of April 14th – The Heart of Hospitality

The Gospel of John from last Sunday depicts Jesus waiting for the Apostles on the shore while they are attempting to fish.  Upon his invitation to cast their nets on the other side they catch a large quantity of fish.  Upon landing at shore, Jesus simply says, “Come have breakfast.”  In such an ordinary statement Jesus welcomes the Apostles, puts them at ease, perhaps for the first time since they abandoned him at the cross.  Jesus exemplifies a hospitality that if filled with compassion and mercy.  He invites them and us to a fresh start each morning.

How has such hospitality been present in your week?  When have you received and/or given such a welcome?

This week in the Sisters’ lives we experienced

saying farewell to our visitors from Germany after a week of welcome.  This of course involved exchanges of hugs, letters, and good German chocolate as well as hopes to visit again whether here or in Germany.

welcoming a grieving family who chose to hold the funeral service for their 18 year old Son in the our Chapel.

coming together to share each others stories and recent life events during our’ monthly gathering.

the presence of 8th grade girls from a local parish school for a vocation day in which they participated in a tour of the Provincialate, shared lunch and prayer with the Sisters, and learned about Religious Life and what being a Sister is like.

Sisters in leadership and their co-workers in ministry departed for a weekend retreat in order to welcome the Spirit into the work and vision of providing healing compassionate healthcare.

May you experience the welcoming presence of the Redeemer in your life this new week!