Week of April 21st – Redeemer Week

“The Lamb who is in the center of the throne will shepherd them and lead them to springs of life-giving water . . .” (Rev 7:14 – 17)

These words for the Second Reading on Sunday, April 21st are a significant verse to the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer.  The Lamb is the symbol for the Redeemer and springs of water speak of the healing ministry of the Congregation.  The Lamb, the Redeemer is our center.

So, it was with these words that the Sisters entered into Redeemer Week – a week leading up to the Congregation’s Feast Day – The Feast of the Redeemer – celebrated the Saturday before the 5th Sunday of Easter, by the Sisters in Germany, Tanzania, and America.  During this week the Sisters celebrate the heritage, mission and all those who join in the ministry – helping to carry out the mission of bringing hope and healing.

This Redeemer Week the Sisters joined in celebrating

The dedication of the surgical suites in the hospital

The dedication of the Food Cupboard in southern New Jersey in honor of the late Sr. Mary Anne McDonagh.

Dedication Foodbank 068

The dedication of a new facility for the visiting nurses agency/home care in New Jersey.

The many dedicated individuals who carry out the mission on a daily basis throughout the Sisters’ sponsored ministries.  Each facility held a prayer service during this week.

A Redeemer Week Prayer Service
A Redeemer Week Prayer Service

A luncheon for all the volunteers throughout the ministries.

The birthdays of two Sisters of the Holy Redeemer!

The arrival of 2nd Grade students who planted the first seeds of the season in the school garden.

School garden April 26

The week concluded with the Eucharistic Liturgy on Saturday for the Feast of the Redeemer is which Sisters, Redeemer Associates, Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteers, friends and family celebrated the Redeemer – whose name we bear and whose presence and love we seek to proclaim in our lives, actions, words.