Week of April 28th – “Behold I make all things new”

these words from Revelation 21 remind us that each day is a blank page, a new beginning.  And more importantly we are reminded that it is God who makes all things new; gives us new perspective; helps us see the blessings in each day.  So whether things go as we planned or the day is full of unexpected turn of events we can turn to God and ask to see what God wants to share with us.

This week the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer experienced ordinary and not so ordinary events but the awareness of God was woven throughout each day.

Monday evening Mass brought the Sisters, Redeemer Associates and Redeemer Ministry Corps members together to celebrate God’s love in the Readings and Eucharist.

Wednesday, one of the Sisters involved in Vocation Ministry participated in a day designed for High School Juniors called “The Gift of Mission” celebrating the gift of our baptism and the call to share our lives and gifts in a variety of vocations.  The day specifically focused on the vocation of Religious Life.

Students learning about Religious Life
Students learning about Religious Life

At the end of the day the Sisters celebrated a Sister’s birthday, the 50th anniversary of two Sisters’ arrival from Germany, the approaching Jubilee (50 years as a Sister) and another birthday of two other Sisters.  Time together around table and meal was simple blessing.

The discovery of a Robin’s nest in the community garden was a surprise this week.  Soon two tiny blue eggs appeared – a reminder of the new life Spring brings.


Friday was a day of preparation for the following day’s Jubilee celebration – Chapel decorated, dining room set up, guests welcomed . . .

Saturday was a beautiful celebration of Sr. Ursulina’s 50th Jubilee as she was surrounded by her Sisters in community, friends from near and far, and co-workers from her ministry as she renewed her vows in a public witness of her faithful commitment to Jesus, Our Redeemer.  God has continued to make all things new for Sr. Ursulina over these 50 years!

Sr Ursulina

The celebration continued in the evening as Sisters sat together and shared stories of experiences over the past 50 years!  We share our every day together but there is always more to learn about one another – always something new.

And in all these events – ordinary and out of the ordinary – we experienced God making all things new.