Week of May 5th – Ascension

Often we may think of “ascension” as a going up.  In particular with Jesus’ ascension we may imagine Jesus going up into the clouds until out of sight.  A quote from St. John Chrysostom imagines it a little differently, “He whom we love and lose is no longer where he was before; he is now wherever we are.”  Jesus, by ascending, becomes closer to us then ever before, for generation after generation!

This week the Sisters experienced Jesus’ ascension and presence when

two families said farewell to loved ones during funeral services at the Provincialate chapel.  The feast of the Ascension gives us hope and comfort in Jesus’ parting words – “I will be with you . . .” and ” I go to prepare a place for you. . .”

nature 022

a Sister had surgery on her eyelids to “raise them” so she would be able to see more clearly.  The feast of the Ascension promises that we will see Jesus present in all things, wherever we are.

the raising of a water tower for the community garden began and the gifts of each person helping became so evident and necessary.  The feast of the Ascension calls upon us to share our unique gifts to help make the presence and love of Christ visible in the world.

Water tower raising
Water tower raising

rain poured down upon the earth abundantly and the grass and green growing vegetation sprang up transforming the landscape into the lushness of Spring.  The feast of the Ascension promises new life and new hope for all – the promise of the Holy Spirit pouring upon the earth.

two Sisters from other congregations joined us for their retreat time.  Their quiet prayerful presence among us helped us to be more aware of the quiet work of God in our midst.  The feast of the Ascension reminds us that Jesus is still dwelling in our midst – unseen but clearly present.

May you experience the Ascended but present Christ in the midst of your week as we await the celebration of Pentecost – the gift of the Spirit.