Week of May 19th – Pentecost

The gift of the Holy Spirit was celebrated on the Feast of Pentecost and we heard the words of Jesus in scripture, “Receive the Holy Spirit.”

From the Provinicialate Chapel
From the Provinicialate Chapel

We pause to reflect on the many experiences this past week in which we have received or been more aware of the Holy Spirit.

A retreat began at the Provincialate of the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer on Pentecost Sunday.  The presence of several Sisters praying quietly among us throughout the week was a sign of the Spirit offering us the gift of peace and guidance.

Pentecost Sunday was also the Birthday of our Postulant.  We celebrated the gift of her life and the Holy Spirit that has drawn her to be among us, discerning the vocation of Religious Life.

A Sister in Temporary Vows, paused from her full time ministry responsibilities this past week in order to begin a two-month period of preparation for Perpetual Vows.  We celebrate the presence of the Holy Spirit who continues to guide Sr. Katharina Maria.


Hospitality was offered to a guest visiting from Germany who has family near the Provincialate.  We are grateful for the Holy Spirit who has graced our Congregation with the gift and resources of Hospitality.

One of the Sisters participated in the Eucharistic Liturgy of a neighboring congregation celebrating several Jubilarians.  The many gifts they have received and shared throughout their years of faithfulness to prayer, community and service was a testimony of the presence of the Holy Spirit.

At the end of the week several students from a local high school participated in the Sisters’ community garden for their day of service.  Despite the rain they enthusiastically shared their gifts of energy, care and joy to help tend to the needs of the garden and in turn all who benefit from it. We are so grateful for their presence and spirit of service.

We could find a rainy day a dreary drag or we could see the rain as the gifts of the Holy Spirit poured out abundantly upon us.  May your heart, eyes, ears, and mind be open to receive the presence, comfort, gifts, and guidance of the Holy Spirit today.Cute Holy Spirit