Week of May 26th – Gift of Community

As the Church celebrated the Feast of the Trinity last week it is not uncommon to hear it connected with mystery – this difficult to describe truth of our faith.  However, without attempting to “figure it out,” we understand that it is about relationship between Father, Son and Holy Spirit – the first community!

So this past week offers a reflection on our experience of community as Sisters of the Holy Redeemer.

Memorial Day provided a beautiful day to remember and celebrate.  We gathered with friends, neighbors, RMC volunteers, and Redeemer Associates for an afternoon picnic.  This time proved to be a wonderful experience of community.


Planning for this Summer’s vacation bible school also commenced as volunteers and Sisters met to discuss decorations, educational supplies and other preparations.  It is an experience of community when joining with others on a common meaningful project.

Women in Formation with the Congregation along with the Sisters that journey with them gathered for a day of reflection at a local arboretum and service at one of the Sisters’ food cupboards.  The day was  an experience of being nurtured by the gift and beauty of nature, prayer, and community so that we can in turn be a nurturing presence to others through service in the surrounding community.

Sr. Kim serving the community through food distribution.
Sr. Kim serving the community through food distribution.

One of the Sisters preparing for Profession of Perpetual Vows returned to the Provincialate for her two month time of preparation.  The community there welcomes her presence and prays with her during these days.

Two of our Sisters began their annual retreat time this past week and participate in a special way in the mystery of the Trinity – drawing aside from the daily activities to be wrapped in prayer and a deeper awareness of the love of God, Jesus and Spirit..  While they are away we, as a community of faith, hold them in our prayers.

May you experience the gift of community and relationships that reveal the love of God, made manifest in Jesus, and always present in the Spirit.