Week of June 2nd – The Body of Christ

As the Church celebrated the Body and Blood of Christ last week, the song “Teresa’s Prayer” came to mind:  “Christ has no hands, but your.  Christ has no feet but yours; Christ has no eyes but yours . . .”

We are called to not only receive the body and blood of Christ but to be that for others and to experience others as the body of Christ.

The body of Christ was a  lived reality for the Sisters this week

As the Sisters went about their daily ministries – serving the broken body of Christ in those cared for throughout their ministry of healthcare.  Illness and poverty come in many forms and in body, mind and spirit.   This body of Christ seeks compassion and presence.  The ministry as an Extraordinary Minister of Communion for those cared for in the hospital and skilled care facilities in a very special way unites the body of Christ with each individual who receives – bringing them comfort and hope.

One Sister accompanied her Mom who transitioned into skilled nursing care, helping her accept this change in body and abilities.  As Sisters we listen and support our Sister who also has to accept this change in her mother’s life.

Two Sisters returned from their annual retreats – and returned to community as a body coming back together – enriched and made stronger by their time of prayer and solitude.

In the community garden the water tower project came closer to completion as gardeners shared their gifts.  Just as a body needs each part to be complete so with this water tower and the unique skills that each person had that created it.


On Friday, one of our Sisters arrived from Germany and was welcomed with a dinner and prayer.  At this time we also prayed for one of our Sisters as she prepared to leave for a 30 day retreat prior to her Final Profession of Vows this summer.  This was truly as experience of being the body of Christ for one another – welcoming, sharing faith and prayers, encouraging, celebrating and sending forth.

Friday was also the beginning of a Life Awareness vocation discernment weekend retreat – a retreat guided by Sisters of various congregations to share about the option of religious life with young people.  One of our Sisters participated and experienced the body of Christ in the faith of the young women who attended whether in times of prayer and sharing, cooking a meal together, or social activities.

June 3


A bunny also arrived at the Provincialate for the summer!   a wonderful addition to the school garden and another way for all the experience the body of Christ in the wonder of creation.  Thanks to the neighboring farm!

Bunny 2

As Christ chooses to reveal himself in the ordinary stuff of life – bread and wine – so he continues to reveal himself in our ordinary every day lives, calling us to see the extraordinary in the ordinary and to share our hands, feet, eyes, and ears to reach out to others so they too can experience the body of Christ.