Week of June 9th – Dancing into “Ordinary” time

The scripture readings from this past Sunday speak of life from death; a new way of life from old traditions.  The Responsorial Psalm (Psalm 30) proclaims, “You changed my mourning into dancing.”

While we return to “ordinary” time in the liturgical calendar the readings share news that is anything but ordinary.  The deceased sons of widows are restored to life and St. Paul writes of a transformation from his former way of life.

And so we too are invited to reflect on our moments of joy, sorrow, and new life this past week.


The sending forth of one our Sisters for her 30-day retreat in preparation of profession of Perpetual Vows.

A volunteer appreciation luncheon for the many individuals that give of their times and gifts to help at the Provincialate from receptionists to Frame Shop assistant , school garden and community garden volunteers.

Redeemer Associate picnic on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon as we head into the summer season.

A Farm Market to share the abundant harvest from the Community Garden at one of the Sisters’ ministries.


The news of the sudden passing of the brother of one of our Redeemer Associates.

New life:

The arrival of one of our Sisters from Germany at the beginning of the week to continue the important work of reflection upon our lives as we move forward into the future as an International Congregation.

Pumpkin seed planting in the Provincialate fields with the help of many hands of all ages.  We now await the first signs of growth.

Pumpkin seed planters
Pumpkin seed planters

Attendance by one of our Sisters at a program sponsored by the ministry of a local religious congregation inorder to deepen learning of new ways of sharing our mission and spirituality with leaders throughout our own ministries.

The continued healing of one of our Sisters who recently experienced a broken wrist that required surgery.  She inspires us by her patience and calm nature throughout this time of healing.

What have been your experiences of “mourning” and “dancing” as we return to Ordinary time?