Week of June 30th – Celebrating Freedom

“For freedom Christ set us free.”  Galatians 5:1

How fitting that these words from scripture led us into the week in which we celebrate Independence Day.  As Christians we have been given freedom in Christ, as a country we have been given freedom from those who have gone before us.  It is good to reflect on this gift of freedom – how do we live out of it?  Do we take it for granted as we go about our lives? How are we aware of those who lack such freedoms?  Freedom implies choice and personal responsibility.  God has given us freedom to follow a way of life-giving love. It is not forced upon us – we can choose to follow, or not, as the First Reading ( 1 Kings 19) and the Gospel (Luke 9: 51-62) portray.  How we live from this freedom is often discovered in the the day to day choices we make.

For the most part it was a quiet week for the Sisters as they went about their daily activities, making the little choices for freedom.  As we move deeper into the summer season Sisters come and go for their annual retreats and vacations.

The school children continue to visit the garden every other week and they arrived this week despite the rain.  Their spirits were certainly not dampened as they cheerfully harvested peas, beets, broccoli, and raspberries.


A couple of days later the rain ceased the sun came out and the heat rose.  A perfect day dawned for the 4th of July.  The Sisters expressed gratitude for the gift of freedom with Mass and then gathered at one of the convents for an afternoon picnic.  A balloon toss that turned into a water fight was a perfect way to cool off as the day came to a close!

Mindful of the freedoms we have let us be attentive to the areas in our lives that are not free, not open, not healed.  Let us also be attentive to the people, the nations, the earth itself that do not experience freedom.  How does the freedom we have been given in Christ lead us to set others free?  What choices can we make to let freedom ring throughout the world?