Week of July 8th – Blessing of Peace

“Peace to this household”  Luke 10 1-12.

Jesus send the disciples out with nothing but the gift of peace and the proclamation that the kingdom of God is at hand.

Isn’t true, that when we are at peace there is a sense of rightness, whether it is in making a decision, discerning God’s call in our lives, a relationship, health, etc; there is a sense of the presence of God – the kingdom of God at hand.

How do we free up our lives, so that we are able to carry peace – a peace that allows ourselves and other to experience the presence of God?

This past week the Sisters experienced peace in

Welcoming back a Sister who was away for a 30-day retreat in Colorado in preparation for Perpetual Profession of Vows. It is very evident that she has brought the gift of peace with her.

Welcoming back a Sister from her vacation in Canada with family.  And the peace she displays is amazing given the fact that she experienced a broken arm at the end of her vacation!

Sending forth a Sister to Florida to meet with the Redeemer Associates who live and share the mission of the congregation in that state.  May she carry the gift of peace with her as she travels.

Sending forth two more Sisters on their vacation for rest, renewal, and peace.

Rejoicing with a family that has been a source of peace for all the Sisters as they celebrated the graduation of two of their children.

Welcoming nursing students beginning their rotation at one of the Sisters’ ministry sites.  May they share a peaceful presence with all those they will care for during their time here.

Whether near or far we are called to carry, nurture, and share the peace that Jesus has first given to us.

May your week be filled with peace!