Week of July 21st – Welcome and Promise

There has been much welcoming at the Provincialate of the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer (and thus little time for blogging – apologies for missed and delayed postings)

The Sunday Readings for July 21st contain stories of welcome, hospitality and promises given.

Abraham welcomes 3 strangers then receives the promise of a child in the near future. (Genesis 18).  Martha welcomes Jesus and hears the promise that peace will not be taken from those who spend time with him (Luke 10:38 – 42).

The Sisters welcomed several guests into their convents this week and have also received God’s promise of presence in the form of a Sister professing her Perpetual vows.

Guests – family, friends, former Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteers – arrived in anticipation of Sister Katharina Maria’s profession of vows.  The Provinicialate and neighboring convent were filled with the happy sounds of a reunion.  Visitors came from Germany, Canada, Wisconsin, St. Louis, Boston, New York, and New Orleans!

On Saturday, July 27th we all celebrated with Sr. Katharina Maria as she professed her vows, making public her promise to Our Redeemer who has first given her, his promise of love and faithfulness.  In this Profession of Perpetual Vows the entire Congregation receives God’s promise of fidelity and presence – God with us.

vow blessing 2

The preceding Sunday the 5 young women that had served for one year as Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteers completed their year of service, faith and community with a closing Mass proceeded by a 3-day long debriefing before they returned to home or college.  We welcomed their families who were able to attend or take them home.  Thank you, Helen, Casey, Kristen, Catherine, Stephanie for your presence among us for this year!

RMC Closing Mass 061And finally the Sisters are grateful for the neighboring farmer who helped us share the gift of our fields by cutting and making hay.  We receive the promise of God’s provision and abundance each year as we behold the beauty of the fields.

Hayhay 2

May you have the blessing of welcoming others into your life this week and thus experience the promise of God’s hospitality – God who makes a home in you!