Week of August 11th – It all comes down to faith

“Faith is the realization of what is hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.”  Hebrews 11:1-2.

For the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer faith has been evident in


the election of a team of Sisters for the role of leading our Congregation into the future.  In faith they were chosen for this significant task; by faith they accepted.

newly elected General Council 2013

preparations for Vacation Bible School.  Each volunteer look ahead with faith that the children who would be attending in the days ahead would experience joy and a deepening of their own faith.

Painting decorations for Vacation Bible School
Painting decorations for Vacation Bible School

the celebration of the Feast of the Assumption.  We celebrated the faithfulness of Mary throughout her life that led to her glorious entrance into eternal life.  We prayer for a spirit of humility and faith in our own lives so that we will live each day in the glorious present, hopeful of a glorious future.


Sisters returning from their annual Retreat.  Their faith renewed and deepened effects the entire community.

the transition of one Sister from her ministry of 33 years to a new role.  We witnessed her faith in accepting a new ministry with the inherent unknowns.

a farm market at one of our ministry sites.  The beauty and abundance of the produce increases our faith in the unique ministry of caring for creation and in the Creator of it all.

farm market

Faith is woven into fabric of our lives.  How have you experienced the working of faith in your life this past week?