Week of September 15th – Abundant Grace

St. Paul proclaims “Indeed, the grace of our Lord has been abundant . . .”                       (1 Timothy 1).

During this final week of summer, we pause to reflect on the abundant graces of God in our daily lives as Sisters of the Holy Redeemer.

First we celebrated the life our of Sr. Erika on her Birthday – a figure of faith and grace in our lives.


We then welcomed the great niece of one of our Sisters.  She visits from Germany.  We are grateful for her presence among us these days.  The same day she arrived one of the Sisters was able to travel to Germany to visit her family – so we sent her off with a travel blessing and greetings to her family.

Sisters in leadership positions witnessed to the importance of rest and renewal by taking some vacation time together as summer comes to a close.

Several highschool students and their Dads witnessed to the gift of service by participating in a morning of service in the Sisters’ community garden – helping prepare for the fall/winter month.  We are grateful for their time and energy!

Perparations for the Sisters’ upcoming Oktoberfest event are underway.  This week German cookies were prepared and baked by Sisters and friends.  The entire Provincialate was enveloped in the aroma of gingerbread!

lebkuchen 2

As the season of Autumn arrives may you pause to reflect on the abundant grace of God in your life.