Week of September 22nd – Holy Hands

St. Paul wishes that all pray, “lifting up holy hands” (1 Timothy 2). What are holy hands?  Perhaps they are hands that have offered love, generosity, compassion, service, rather than being held back in anger, selfishness, greed, fear . . .

What have the hands of the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer been about this week?

Hands prepared a picnic meal for the children of Amigos de Jesus, their friends and caregivers upon their visit from Honduras.  A Mass and picnic was offered at the Provincialate of the Sisters.

Hands harvested vegetables, herbs and flowers from the community garden for the final garden markets at the Sisters’ ministry sites.

Hands helped children plant garlic and pick tomatoes, peppers, and raspberries during their visit to the school garden on the Provincialate grounds.

Many, many hands helped prepare for the annual Oktoberfest celebration – baking, cooking, setting up, praying for good weather . . .  The Sisters are so grateful for the time, energy and resources of so many good people that make this event possible!

Oktoberfest 2013Oktoberfest 2013b


Oktoberfest 2013a

Hands prayed with others, hands typed, hands cleaned, hands offered healing care, hands answered phones, hands went about daily activities doing and being the holy in the ordinary.

How have your hands been made holy this week?

Thank God for the gift of your hands.