Week of October 13th – An Attitude of Gratitude

Two men stricken with the dreaded disease of leprosy give thanks to God for their healing (2 Kings 5; Luke 17) .  Imagine being cured of a horrible life-threatening disease – maybe you don’t have to imagine, maybe this is your reality.  Wouldn’t thanks and awe be overflowing!  What about remembering to give thanks for the daily little miracles – water, food, friends, electricity, creation, creativity, energy . . .?

This week we reflect with thanksgiving for the “little things” that can often go overlooked, or taken for granted.

Sisters have begun taking turns to visit the Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteers on a weekly basis for dinner and prayer at the house in which they are staying.  Two Sisters joined them this week.  We are grateful for the presence of these five young women who have a spirit of service and compassion.

Wednesday, October 16th marked World Food Day – raising awareness of and action for the needs of millions of people around the world who lack access to adequate food.  We pause in thanksgiving for all that we have to nourish our bodies each day.  And we ask how can we use food in a way that is less wasteful, locally grown so as not to deplete the resources of other countries, and allows for others to have enough.  On this day high school students participated in a day of service in the Sisters’ gardens – helping grow fresh, healthy, local produce.  We are grateful for their presence and help.

The Sisters gathered for an evening of sharing, which began with a prayer honoring St. Teresa of Avila, one of our Patron Saints, since her Feast Day was October 15th.  Following prayer the Sisters shared what they were thankful for in the week – so many rich experiences of gratitude!

The week ended with a Garden Harvest Party as the community garden season comes to a close.  And it was the full Harvest Moon as well!  So much to be grateful for after a very fruitful season in the garden with a wonderful community of gardeners.

As you enter into this week perhaps you will take time at the end of each day to remember experiences that you are thankful for.