Week of November 4th – A Glimpse of Jesus

The week began with the Gospel reading from Luke 19 about Zacchaeus who wanted to see Jesus but being short of stature climbed a tree to get a better view.  And Jesus noticed him.  The book of Wisdom proclaims about God, “For you love all things that are . . .” (Wisdom 11: 22 – ).


When we seek Jesus we discover a gaze returned that is filled with love.

Not long ago there were images of a child awestruck by the Pope – so much so that the child walked up on the stage just to stand near the Pope. And he could not be persuaded to move away.  The child even climbed on to the Pope’s chair!  Sounds  similar to the Gospel . . .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAXLfA9_GFU

As Sisters of the Holy Redeemer we caught glimpses of Jesus all week.

One Sister traveled to St. Louis as part of her theology studies.  She looked forward to experiencing God in the learning and in the community of fellow students.

One Sister began her annual week retreat  while another Sister had the opportunity for a retreat weekend.  Time to be and to notice God in all things; a time to be immersed in the loving gaze of Jesus.

Newer members of the Congregation – Affiliate, Postulant and Temporary professed women participated in a workshop with other Sisters in Formation from various congregations.  The day included service at a soup kitchen and food pantry followed by reflection and sharing – two core aspects of our faith. They glimpsed Jesus in the people they served and in one another as they shared their experiences.

The Sisters welcomed a visitor from Germany at the end of the week.  Jesus continues to reveal his presence in those who walk through the doors whether for momentary visit or a prolonged stay.

Most of the Sisters glimpsed Jesus in their everyday lives of prayer, community and ministry, whether a reflection on scripture, in the helping hands of another, the face of a patient or their family member in the hospital, the voice of an individual on the phone, the beauty of the fall season, or a Sister in community.


We pray that in your seeking for Jesus you may discover that he is inviting himself into your home; into your heart (Luke 19:5).