Week of November 10th – Divine Cheerleading

It is strange to think of God as being a cheerleader but Saint Paul writes ” . . . God our Father, who has loved us and given us encouragement and good hope through his grace, encourage your hearts and strengthen them in every good deed and word.”  Isn’t that the role of a cheerleader – to encourage and incite others to renewed strength and purpose through a display of energy and enthusiasm?  God is cheering us on every day in so many ways – perhaps the beauty of creation, the words of a loved one, in an article or scripture passage we read, a song we hear, the life of an inspiring individual, to name a few.

This week the Sisters experienced God’s encouragement, love and hope through so many events, beginning with last Sunday when the Sisters welcomed families and individuals into the Chapel for the monthly memorial mass during. Here all received the comfort and encouragement of God’s love in the midst of loss as they remembered their loved ones who have recently passed away.

On Tuesday Redeemer Associates gathered to be strengthened and encouraged through prayer and community.  Associates are individuals who find a connection with the Sisters’ spirit and mission in their own faith journey.  They gather once a month for prayer and sharing with the Sisters.

This week Sisters traveled to Florida to welcome new Redeemer Associates there as well. On Saturday, during the vigil Mass Associates made their first and second commitments in the presence of their parish community and three of the Sisters.  The fact that this community of Redeemer Associates continues to flourish in Florida is a sign of God’s encouragement that gives us great hope!

On Friday a neighboring family gave a gift of 4 baby chicks!  These little chickens have taken up residence inside the Provincialate until they are old enough to go outside with the existing flock.  Creation reveals so much about a loving God who cares for even the smallest details of each creature.  This gives us much encouragement!

baby chicks

As the week came to a close several Sisters went about preparations for celebrating the Feast of St. Elizabeth  of Hungary that will take place on Sunday, November 17th.  St. Elizabeth is one of the Congregation’s Patron Saints for her generosity to those living in poverty and the founding of hospitals.  She is symbolized with bread and roses so the Sisters did some baking of bread and decorating with roses in preparation for a evening prayer service.

Statue of  St. Elizabeth in Motherhouse Chapel, Germany
Statue of St. Elizabeth in Motherhouse Chapel, Germany
Stainglass image of St. Elizabeth at one of the Sisters' ministry sites.
Stainglass image of St. Elizabeth at one of the Sisters’ ministry sites.











May you experience the loving encouragement of God our Redeemer as you go about your life this week.