Week of November 17th – Actively Waiting

As the Advent Season draws nearer – the liturgical season of preparing for the Feast of Christmas, the Sunday readings for November 17th speak to the coming of the Lord (Malachi 3 & Luke 21).  The Gospel Acclamation from Luke 21 proclaims “Stand erect and raise your heads because your redemption is at hand.”  Inserted into this theme is a letter from St. Paul (2 Thessalonians 3) reminding all to go about our work diligently and responsibility.

Have you ever had difficulty waiting?  As human beings this is often our reality.  We don’t like to wait whether we just want to get home at the end of a day or we are looking forward to a special event.  Yet the message here might be a reminder to be attentive to what is coming but be present to the situation at hand.

How have the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer been actively waiting this week?

The week began with a prayer service celebrating the Feast day of St. Elizabeth of Hungary.  A woman living hundreds of years ago who made present the kingdom of God in her care for those living in poverty and illness.

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Three Sisters returned from Florida this same day after welcoming new Redeemer Associates.

Sisters with Redeemer Associates in Florida making their First and Second Commitments.
Sisters with Current and Future Redeemer Associates in Florida.

As the week continued the Sisters gathered for a presentation on Community Outreach through the Catholic Health Associate.  This gave us the opportunity to reflect on how can we and our ministries provide for those living in poverty and illness in our day.

The Sisters offered prayers for one of the Sisters undergoing surgery.  If you have had a loved one go through surgery you know the feeling of waiting for the outcome.  Thankfully all went well and she is on the mend.

The celebration of the birthday of one of our Sisters coincided with the monthly gathering of the Sisters.  A time to share updates with one another and celebrate the gift of community and the life of each Sister.

One Sister traveled to Indianapolis to join 1000’s of youth and other women and men Religious for the National Catholic Youth Convention.  A wonderful opportunity to share about the reality and gift of Religious Life in our world today.

Closing Mass at the National Catholic Youth Convention
Closing Mass at the National Catholic Youth Convention

As Thanksgiving Day draws closer the employees and volunteers at the Food Cupboards, part of the Sisters Ministries, are running full speed packing bags and baskets, picking up turkeys, and welcoming clients.  We are grateful for all the generous benefactors who help make this ministry possible.

The Sisters pray you have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving – but may you also enjoy the gift and beauty of today and you go about preparations and daily life; actively waiting.