Week of December 1st – Waiting in Hope

December and Advent began together this year.  Advent is the Christian season of preparation for the great feast of Christmas.  It is like a retreat, a time of quiet waiting, before the rejoicing.  It is a time of praying and hoping for peace.  The Responsorial Psalm for Sunday, December 1st, the First Sunday of Advent proclaims, “Peace be within you” (Psalm 122).


The Sisters have chosen the phrase “Waiting in Hope” as their theme for Advent.  This offers a guide for prayer, reflection, and way of life during these days before Christmas.  We wait in hope for this peace – in our hearts, our communities, our world.

As the Sisters wait in hope this Advent they are also about their daily activities.  This week they

– Began baking cookies for St. Nicholas Day (December 6) and Christmas.


– Participated in the first of the Christmas parties for Pastoral Care and Food Cupboard Volunteers.

– Brought Communion to those in their ministries.  In one morning it is not unusual to pray over an individual who is dying – waiting to enter into a new life – as well as to bring communion to a woman who waits in hope to give birth to her first child.

– Prayed for a Sister’s safe journey as she traveled to our Motherhouse in Germany for a meeting regarding the Congregation’s present and future needs.  We wait in hope for her return as well as our Redeemer’s guidance of our Congregation.

As you enter this second week of December and the Advent Season may you nurture the spirit of peace and hope by pausing from the activities to be in the Spirit of the season.