Week of January 5th – Epiphany

“[The magi] were overjoyed at seeing the star, and on entering the house they saw the child with Mary his mother. . . Then they opened their treasures and offered him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh” (Matthew 2).

Epiphany – revelation, invites us to notice the light of Christ in our lives.  Perhaps such a revelation has the power to call forth our gifts that we have treasured and carried with us.  Epiphany also calls us to recognize the light of Christ in one another – such a recognition would surely invite a response of love and reverence!

Some Epiphany moments for the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer this week included

Chipping in to help prepare meals when an icy storm prevented the usual kitchen crew from arriving – the gift of generous hands and hearts made it a true community experience.

Coming together for a Coffee Break on Epiphany Sunday featuring a sing-a-long and of course delicious desserts.

DSCN3976           DSCN3999



Welcoming College students as they arrived for their winter service trip.  their presence throughout the week was truly a revelation of the enthusiasm and compassion of God.


Providing a service experience for 6th graders as part of their Confirmation project.  They helped plant the first seeds of the year in preparation for the community garden season.  God is so easily seen in the wonder of children!

Providing a place of welcome for many guests this week revealed the presence and beauty of God is people of all ages and cultures.

Can you name some of your Epiphany moments this past week?  Praying you continue to see the manifestation of Christ as you go about this new week.