Week of January 12th – Waters of Glory

Sunday, January 12th was the liturgical celebration of the Lord’s Baptism.  This feast provides us the opportunity to reflect on our own baptism or the meaning of baptism.  The reading from Isaiah 42: 1- 7) proclaims “I, the Lord, have called you . . .I formed you, and set you as a covenant of the people, a light for the nations.”

What a wonderful declaration!  Baptism is the “yes”, our response to that call from God.  For many, Baptism happens as a baby and our parents make that response for us out of their love for us. The words from the Gospel, “this is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased”  are for us as well – God loves us even more than a parent.

Water is one of the symbols in a baptism – symbolizing the cleansing, purifying grace of God.  Jesus is seen as the living water – cleansing and bringing life – we are given new life in him.

As  Sisters of the Holy Redeemer, water is a very significant symbol and we strive to “draw water with joy from the fountain of the Redeemer” – to be renewed by Jesus, our source of life.

Original art by Sister Ana Dura, CSR
Original art by Sister Ana Dura, CSR

This week the Sisters sought to live out their baptismal call, responding to God’s great love in the ordinary events.  We also

Welcomed Sr. Linda home from her visit to our Sisters in Tanzania, East Africa.  She responded to a call to share her gifts there and to learn from the people there as well.


Visited the Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteers for dinner and prayer one evening.  What a gift to see how these young people are responding to their baptismal call.

Participated in a day of preparation for vocation visits to Archdiocesan high schools – preparing to encourage young people to listen to God’s unique call for them !

Prayed for our Sisters and newer members in formation who participated in a weekend retreat by the sea – what a symbol of God’s call!  By the sea one can’t help but remember the scripture stories of Jesus walking on the shore inviting individuals to follow.


As you enter into this new week you may want to reflect upon

What is the source in your life that gives you energy, purpose, mission?

What does God’s love call you to be in the world today – in your home, your school, your place of work . . .?