Week of January 26th – Guiding Light

The week began with scripture readings that spoke of light -pointing to the Light that is Christ, “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light,” (Isaiah 28 & Matthew 4).  Psalm 27 proclaims, “The Lord is my light and my salvation.”  And so great is this Light that  it attracts our hearts and encourages us to follow like those first disciples (Matthew 4).

So, how has the Light shown in your life and guided you this week?

For the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer, the Light of Christ has been visible in the following experiences.

A Gathering of the Sisters for sharing our lives, for reflecting on the past year with the help of photos, and for the reception of the Congregation’s newly revised Constitutions – the guide and inspirational document for our lives.  After many years of prayer, conversation, and hard work we will pray with and share upon the words and life of our Redeemer – our guiding light!

Receiving the Constitutions
Receiving the Constitutions

The five Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteers returned from their mid-year weekend retreat renewed in their call to a year of service, faith and community.  They share the Light of Christ in their various ministry placements.

midyear RMC retreat

One of the Sisters in Vocation ministry participated in a Busy Persons Retreat at a local college.  What a gift to experience of the Light of Christ in the young people as they shared their faith in the midst of their daily activities.

Several other Sisters attended a conference in Maryland as they continue to gain wisdom and insight into the ministry of leadership – seeking to share the Light of Christ throughout our sponsored ministries of healthcare and social services.

The week concluded with a wonderful surprise Birthday party for one of the Sisters.  Her family was able to join in the fun and it was an evening of celebrating the Light of Christ in the life of another.  Happy Birthday!

Walking into a surprise birthday celebration!
Walking into a surprise birthday celebration!

May you pause to rejoice in the Light of Christ during these cold winter days.