Week of February 9th – Let your light shine

A week of more winter storms began with scripture readings using the image of light.


“Then your light shall break forth like the dawn” (Isaiah 58).  This is proceeded by the directive to share with those in need.

“Light shines through the darkness for the upright . . .” (Psalm 112).

“Your light must shine before others , that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father” (Matthew 5).

Perhaps in the darkness, the storms, the cloudy skies, we long for light even more; but perhaps we also recognize light more easily and are drawn to it more readily.

The invitation here is to be light for others. To be light in our loving compassionate actions.

So as Sisters of the Holy Redeemer we pause to reflect on how we have noticed light and been light this past week.

Several Sisters were present at the funeral of the Brother-in-law of one of the Sisters. They witnessed the comfort and strength the family members offered to one another. Here certainly was light in a dark and difficult time.

We celebrated one of the Sisters on her Feast Day. February 11th is the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.  We rejoice in the life and light of both of these women.bernadette and Mary

When another winter storm made travel difficult several employees of the Sisters’ ministry found hospitality at a couple of the convents.  The life and dedication of these individuals are a light of inspiration.
While the snow was falling outside one of the Sisters held a spontaneous candle light organ recital in the chapel.  A beautiful memorable experience as one shared her gifts and light for the joy of others.

A couple of Sisters and some of the employees from the Sisters’ ministries attended a leadership in healthcare seminar.  Here they reflected on the gift of Catholic Healthcare as a work of the Church and the continuation of the healing ministry of Jesus; the call to be light and hope for those experience suffering in various forms.

And as the week came to a close and the wind and snow howled outside the Sisters experienced new life and light as they welcomed a woman into community.  As an Affiliate with the Sisters she will continue her discernment of Religious Life while experiencing community and daily life with the Sisters.

May you be comforted and guided by the Light of Christ in your life this coming week and may this Light be reflected in your life and actions.