Week of February 16th – A choice for life.

“Before [each one] are life and death, whichever [one] chooses shall be given” (Sirach 15:15-20).

We have been given the gift and responsibility of free will.  We are also given the gift of God’s Spirit who guides us into choices that lead to life, joy, freedom.  We have not been left on our own to find the way.

The Sisters of the Holy Redeemer experienced the gift of life this week in the following events:

Life was evident in the first plant sale to support the Sisters’ community garden as well as the first seed planting activity with some of the Residents at one of the Sisters’ long term care facilities.

heart plant salegreenhouse planting





For many the gift of education is a choice for life.  The Sisters were excited to attend a presentation given by two local college professors who traveled to one of the Sisters’ Montessori schools in Tanzania to share the gift of technology to enhance learning.  A highlight of the presentation was how much life the children and teachers in Tanzania gave to the professors!

children singingchildren in class





One of the Sisters traveled to St. Louis for her own continuing education in the area of Theology for the future benefit of ministry.  We are all students in the classroom of life.

One of the Sisters in Vocation Ministry visited a local Archdiocesan High School along with other Religious and Diocesan Priests and Seminarians to share about the gift and call of a life committed to God as a Sister, Brother or Priest during the Junior and Senior class retreat.

February 19th was a reminder that in one more month the Sisters will celebrated the 90th anniversary of the first Sisters of the Holy Redeemer to arrive in the United States to begin a new life of ministry in this country!

Celebrate the gift of life this week by rejoicing in the gift of each day, learning something new, spending time being present to another, using your gifts and skills for the greater good!