Week of March 9th – From Garden to Desert

The readings from Sunday, March 9th begin with the Garden of Eden and then depict Jesus going out into the desert after his baptism.  In both the garden and in the desert the desire for knowledge, power,and fulfillment or riches are encountered.

And we are reminded that God alone can satisfy our hunger and thirst; can provide for all our needs:  “How much more did the grace of God and the gracious gift of the one man Jesus Christ overflow for the many” (Romans 5:12 – 19).

So, where did the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer encounter the overflowing grace of God this week, whether in garden or desert?

Very literally there was much going on in the garden this week beginning with a community garden gathering on Monday for updates and viewing of a film on the correlation of health and natural food to inspire the gardeners for a new season.  Then the students returned to the school garden to begin planting seeds in the greenhouse. By weeks end a group of gardeners gathered to begin preparations in the community garden and the planting of peas (in time for St. Patrick’s Day!).  The spring-like day breathed new life in to all present.

seed planting

Several of the Sisters experienced the desert of being ill, thanks to a “bug” that found a home here for a couple of weeks.  And in this we allowed each other the healing rest so necessary to return to good health.

We welcomed our General Superior Sister from Germany as we prepare to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the Sisters in America.  Her arrival brought a little sunshine to the community on a very cold and windy day.

Several of the Sisters participated in a program to celebrate the accomplishment of leaders throughout the Sisters’ ministries.  Here is experienced collaboration and respect in meeting the needs of all the individuals served.

Whether you experience the garden or the desert this coming week may you keep in sight the love and mercy of God who desires what is best for you and provides for all of your needs.