Week of March 30th – To see with the Heart

The words one of the Sisters used to share come to mind when reflecting on the scripture readings from Sunday, March 3oth – “God sees things differently.” This was often a response to the call to inclusivity and non-judgement.

The readings describe the anointing of David, an unexpected choice (1 Samuel 16); the call to be children of light and “to learn what is pleasing to the Lord” (Ephesians 5); the healing of the man blind from birth who saw more clearly than the teachers of the law (John 9).

Perhaps it is an invitation to open our hearts and to trust what we see there; to trust that “The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I shall want” (Responsorial Psalm 23).

The Sisters of the Holy Redeemer seek to open the eyes of their hearts by reflecting on the experiences of this past week :

The Sister’s community garden is underway for the season with cleaning up the garden, preparing soil, and planting.  Most significant is the reunion of gardeners and sharing of the stories of their lives since winter ended.

Sisters gathered for Mass Monday evening to participate in the breaking open of the Word and our hearts to share our reflections and the breaking of the Bread.  Without the “breaking” it would be very difficult to share.

In the midst of meetings there was the reminder that in the talking, planning, and reflecting this is how and where change for good begins – when we come together to share our hearts, thoughts and hopes.

12 Baby Chicks arrived on Thursday – in these tiny creatures the creative amazing love of God is so visible.










One of the Sisters traveled on Friday evening to join in a prayer service for individuals with disabilities.  She joins them each month to celebrate their beauty and the beauty of God who dwells within them.

Several Sisters departed for a weekend retreat mindful that for any worthwhile action God and prayer must be the inspiration and starting point.

On Saturday, newer members of the Congregation and their directors participated in a workshop on the benefits and pitfalls of technology and the internet.  All were reminded of the need to make space for God in the midst of all that calls for our attention; to be mindful of what the eye takes in the heart is also effected.  The group enjoyed coming together in the evening for an experience of community.  There is no replacement for taking time to be with one another.

What have your seen or experienced this week that effects your heart?  How does God see it? Perhaps you can take a few moments to journal and/or pray about this as your prepare to enter into a new week.