Week of April 27th – “Peace be with you”

These words of Jesus from the Gospel of John (Chapter 20) are spoken for all of us even today.

Recall this past week.  Did you experience worry, doubt, fear of the unknown, unrest, emptiness . . .?  Listen now to Jesus who speaks to your heart – who knows your heart: “Peace be with you.”

The fact that he repeats this phrase to his disciples gives us a glimpse into Jesus’ deep desire for our peace.  Only then can we listen; only then can we move forward in hope and joy.

The deep sense of peace is a good indicator that we are in tune with God’s desire for us.

This past week the Sisters experienced peace

in welcoming guests to our annual pancake breakfast – even in the hustle and bustle of setting up dinning tables, craft tables, preparing food, serving guests, sharing in conversation. Peace comes in being in the present moment

pancake pancake2pancake5pancake3  pancake4

in celebrating the birthday of one of our Sisters  – rejoicing in her presence and love among us

in rejoicing with the Church at the canonization of two new Saints – St. John XXIII and St. John Paul II

in setting up a temporary chapel while renovations begin to the Provincialate chapel.  Although a big change, the temporary space continues to provide a place of peace and reverence.

in saying farewell to a long-time employee as she retires.  More than an employee she has been part of the Sisters’ family – providing nourishing meals, hospitality and good stories for over 30 years!  An emotional time but a sense of a job well done and a rest well deserved.

Peace comes at any time – when we can be aware of the presence of God who is with us breathing God’s spirit on us, in us, through us.

Where have you experience peace this past week?

May you experience the peace of Christ with you as you enter into this new week.