Week of May 18th – Finding the Way

Ever wonder what way to go – whether looking for directions to a destination, or trying to make a decision in your life?

We’re often familiar with using a GPS for finding location but what about using a God Positioning System for making decisions?

Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, the life,” (John 14).

In the midst of our lives and all that they hold we are called to look to Jesus.  What does his life – his actions, choices, words – tell us about how we can live and make choices?  He promises that by following him we can live with truth and life.

It is no wonder that before it became known as the Catholic Church the early disciples called their following of Jesus “The Way.”

As Sisters of the Holy Redeemer we found the Way through the following experiences:

The presence of Redeemer Associates from Florida for a few days was a great gift of seeing how the spirit and spirituality of the Congregation extends to individuals who live at a great distance but remain close in the love of Jesus.  We walk this way together.

The Sisters gathered for their monthly gathering and viewed a new production about the life of the Congregations’ Foundress, Mother Alphonse Maria Eppinger – it was a beautiful rendering of the work of God in the life of an individual and all the women who have followed.

At week’s end several students participated in a day of service in the Sisters’ garden projects giving of their time and energy, which was a great gift to the community and all those who participate in the gardens.  We see the work of God in those with generous hearts and hands.

service day 1








And several community gardeners gathered on Saturday to participate in a mushroom growing project adding to the diversity of the garden crops.  It was also wonderful to marvel at the creativity of God who has created countless growing things for us to enjoy.

mushroom project

At the end of the week the Sisters welcomed a young woman who will begin her discernment journey with the Congregation.  We thank God for calling others to follow the Way.

As you enter into this new week may you find guidance and peace by looking to Jesus for your unique way.