Weeks of June 1st & 8th – Anything but Ordinary

Following the great feast of Pentecost, the Church liturgical calendar has returned to Ordinary Time, yet for the disciples the feast of Pentecost marked the great beginning of a new way of life – what became known as Christian.

For us, Ordinary time is certainly more than ordinary- it is the time to live into and live out of the mystery of faith that unfolded with the great event of Easter and the resurrection of Jesus.

As with the early disciples, this Pentecost and return to Ordinary time marked a great sending out into the world for the Sisters too:

On June 1st the Sisters welcomed a young woman as as Affiliate. This is the first step of formal discernment of Religious Life with the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer.  Petra first became associated with the Sisters when she lived and worked with the Sisters for a year as a Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteer about 8 years ago.  This step as an Affiliate marks another sending forth in faith.


On June 3rd one Sister headed off to the great land of Chicago for a special training program for Religious men and women accompanying new members in their congregations.

On June 7th another Sisters traveled to Germany as part of her leadership role.  She will join other Sisters of the Holy Redeemer from Tanzania and Germany.

On June 9th yet another Sister ventured out, this time to Baltimore for a unique ministry enrichment program for Sisters and laity involved in Catholic health care.

On June 10th a Sister journeyed to St. Louis, Missouri to continue her educational program.

And there was a day when others traveled to the Sisters Provincialate for a Redeemer Associate Picnic as these companions in faith head out into Summer.

The Spirit of Jesus calls us to go beyond ourselves, to go out and share the Good News, to take the love of God where ever we go and in whatever we do.  And to do these we certainly do need the Holy Spirit guidance!

Cute Holy Spirit

Come Holy Spirit, and continue to renew our hearts, minds, spirits so you can renew the face of the earth.

As you continue this journey of ordinary time may you take the time to be renewed by the Spirit so you can be empowered to go forth on your daily path, where ever that may take you.