Week of July 13th – The Glorious Adoption

On Sunday, July 13th we listened to the writing of St. Paul to the Romans, ” . . .we wait for adoption, the redemption of our bodies” (Romans 8:23).

As Sisters of the Holy Redeemer we hold fast to the truth that we are redeemed because of the love of God revealed in Jesus who gave his life for us.  We also know that we await the fullness of life – eternal life – when we will come face to face with our Redeemer.

This week we encountered experiences in which we turned to our Redeemer to find comfort in these truths.

On Tuesday, during our early morning Mass we kept in prayer our Sister Wilhelma, as her funeral mass took place in Germany.  Sr. Wilhelma has two Sisters who are also Sisters of the Holy Redeemer! one lives in America while the other lives in  the Motherhouse in Germany.  She shared her life generously caring for babies at one of the Sisters’ hospitals in Germany.  We, believe that she, as a child of God, has been adopted into eternal life.

Sr. Wilhelma is pictured in the center – on either side are her sisters who are also Sisters of the Holy Redeemer

That same day we received news that one of our Sisters in Tanzania was tragically killed in a car accident. Sr. Sophia was the Novice Director for the Congregation in Tanzania.  A deep sense of loss was felt by the Sisters in America, Germany, and Tanzania.  As Sisters in America, we found comfort and connectedness by coming together for evening prayer on Thursday and remembering her during Mass on Friday as her funeral was taking place in Tanzania.


As Sisters we are not immune from sorrow and grief that comes from losing loved ones and other experiences of loss, yet as people of faith we also find comfort ” . . . in hope that creation itself would be set free . . . and share in the glorious freedom of the children of God” (Romans 8: 18 – 23).  We so often sing and proclaim these words, “I know that my Redeemer lives . . . whom I myself shall see; my own eyes, not another’s shall behold him . . .” (Job 19:25 – 27).

As a child of God you may want to offer to God something or someone whom you are grieving; perhaps there is a source of sorrow in your life.  May you find comfort in letting God adopt this offering by placing it in God’s loving and everlasting embrace.