Week of July 20th – A God for All

The First Reading from Wisdom on Sunday, July 20th reads, “There is no [G]od besides you who have the care of all . . .” (Wisdom 12:13).

There is something striking in this simple phrase about God’s care for all when we have heard of such sufferings throughout the world these past couple of weeks – conflict between Israel and Palestine, persecution of Christians in Syria and else where, strife in the Ukraine . . . Religion is so often at the core of divisions in the world.  And yet we have a God for all.

So often we are the farm workers who hastily want to rip out the weeds growing among the wheat regardless of the harm that will come to the wheat (see Matthew 13). God sees things differently – sees into the heart “And the one who searches hearts knows what is the intention of the Spirit . . .” (Romans 8: 26-27).

So we must ask ourselves, how do we receive God’s care, love and mercy; how do we extend God’s care, love and mercy to others?

Perhaps it is about taking time to slow down to notice what is going on in our hearts and what is going on around us. The Sisters sought to live out of  this practice this week as they went about their daily activities:

Two Sisters departed for vacation – a time for family, rest and renewal of body and spirit  – tending to self and others.

One Sister returned from Germany, where with her family, they said farewell to their oldest sisters as she entered eternal life. They had time to be together to share memories and offer comfort.  Upon her return she was greeted with love and compassion and given time to ease back into daily life.

The Sisters gathered mid-week for an outdoor picnic to say “thank you” to the 5 Redeemer Ministry Corps Volunteers as they prepare complete their year of service next week.  It was a beautiful evening to spend time together.

alphonse          rmc pool party




There were moments Sisters were noticed tending to the grounds – going about their daily activities with reverence and peace.

alfie and Jesus           martinadaisy





The gardeners from the Sister’s community garden gathered on a beautiful Friday evening for a simple garden party to relax and visit with one another while enjoying the beauty and taste of the garden.  No working allowed!


Perhaps you can take some time today to reflect on the following questions: What are some of the people or events, or things you noticed this past week?  What are some things you notice about yourself? How does it feel to slow down to remember?