Week of August 31st – Duped by God

The scriptures are filled with stark honesty and very human responses.  Jeremiah cries out, “You duped me, O, Lord; and I let myself be duped . . . (Jeremiah 20: 7 – 9).

Have you ever felt duped by God?  Have you ever felt the weight of responsibility because of a faith-filled conscience?  Perhaps you wished you hadn’t noticed something, or someone because now God’s love inspires you to act – and it isn’t easy.

Yet, how wonderful that we can be so honest with God.  A difficult experience that St. Teresa of Avila faced had her voicing to God (in similar words), “It’s no wonder you have so few friends!”

This week, God’s love “duped” the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer

As they prepared an outdoor picnic on Labor Day, despite chances of rain – and it turned out to be a beautiful day!  A little bit of labor and a lot of love and community.

As they support the new Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteers at the beginning of their year of service at their perspective ministry sites – a counter-cultural choice for new college grads.

As they celebrated the birthday of one of the Sisters – celebrating the gift of life and the wonder how God called each one  present to this way of life.

As few of the Sisters ended the official summer season with a vacation at the shore – it may have been closest to the hottest week of the summer!

As they joined with the community gardeners to share the abundance of the garden at a local farm market – while it takes much coordinating and many hands the effort is always rewarding.

farm market photo

As they arise early each morning to pray, to minister, and to celebrate life together with all the ups and downs a day bring.

And now as they prepare to celebrate the 200th Birthday of their Foundress, Mother Alphonse Marie Eppinger!  A special Mass will take place at the Provincialate as well as at the Motherhouse in Germany on September 9th.

Four Sisters will then travel for a special celebration at the birthplace of Mother Alphonse Marie and the Congregation in Neiderbronn, Alsace-Lorraine, France.  God’s love sends us to places we never would plan!

How has God “duped” you?  Have you been open, willing, resistant? How has God’s love encouraged you and supported you during these times?

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There will be no Blog posting for the next 2 weeks due to all the upcoming traveling and celebrating!  Looking forward to sharing the gifts God will be sharing during these upcoming days.