Week of September 28th – It’s All About Attitude

“Have in you the same attitude that is also in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 2:1-11).

That may sound like a tall order . . . if we attempted to try to live this on our own.

Psalm 25 reminds us to look to God for help in our living, “ Your ways, O Lord, make known to me; teach me your paths, guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my savior” (vs. 4 – 5).

This post will contain events from throughout the month of September rather than just this past week.

So how does God reveal to us and help us to put on this attitude of Jesus? The Sisters have experienced many events this month that may shed some light on this amazing invitation.

On September 9th the Congregation celebrated the 200th birthday of our Foundress, Venerable Mother Alphonse Marie Eppinger. Born and raised in simplicity she was attracted to the crucified Christ at a very young age. This filled her heart so much that she took up her own cross to follow and reached out to share Christ merciful love with those suffering in mind, body and spirit. Her life reveals how God worked in her life to develop the attitude of Jesus. Mother Alphonse lived this so much that the first guidelines for the Congregation include the words, “The spirit of the [Sisters of the Holy Redeemer] must be the Spirit of Jesus Christ.”

We celebrated the openness of this simple woman, who became great through her openness to God’s grace in our various Provinces throughout the world on September 9th. On September 14th many Sisters met for an international gathering where the Congregation began in the region of Alsace-Lorraine, France. It was certainly a multi-cultural celebration with Sisters from France, America, Germany, India, Argentina, Slovakia, Hungary, Angola, Tanzania, Namibia!

Indian Sisters

Sisters from Slovakia, Hungary, America
Sisters from Slovakia, Hungary, America

On a very different note, the passing of two Sisters (one in America and one in Germany) during this same time frame caused us to pause at the sacredness of life to remember how they lived and made present the attitude of Jesus. Their lives of love and faith reveal the presence of God.

Our Annual Oktoberfest event brought the Sisters together in America for another celebration. This event provided an opportunity to welcome so many guests with a spirit of hospitality and gratitude, which we strive to live daily by the grace of God. The Sisters are so thankful to the many volunteers who not only gave so much time and energy but did so with an attitude of joy.chicken and Anne

tent crowd





The Sisters came together this past Wednesday for their monthly gathering to share upon the social justice concern of Human Trafficking, our life together and other significant news. These meetings provide us with time to reflect on the needs of the world and the values we hold dear. It is our relationships with one another, complete with our agreements and disagreements, that help us see how much we depend upon God to guide and direct us in the paths and attitude of love, mercy and compassion.

A luncheon for all the volunteers at the Provincialate and a presentation from a young man that has begun bee keeping on the property reveal to us the generosity and giftedness of each individual – further revelation of the outpouring of the attitude Christ into the lives of all people.

We only need a heart open to receive.

As you begin this new week, perhaps you may wish to ask yourself and God, “How is my attitude?” And then ask for a spirit of openness to receive the attitude of Christ. Lord, “. . .teach me your paths, guide me in truth . . .” (Psalm 25).