Week of November 9th – Temple of God!

That’s you!  Have you ever really considered yourself as the temple of God?

St. Paul declares this truth in the First letter to the Corinthians, “Do you not know that you are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?” He even affirms it one more time, ” . . . for the temple of God, which you are, is holy (3: 9 – 17).

And if you are a temple of God then so is everyone else! And if you are holy, so is everyone else!

We might be a bit hesitant to consider ourselves a temple let alone holy.  Try standing in front of a mirror, looking at yourself in the eye and seeing yourself for who we are and accepting yourself, knowing God loves you unconditionally.  This may not be so easy . . . Yet, your holiness comes from knowing God loves you and to let that love flourish in you by being the person God created you to be – not someone else.  A temple is holy because God dwells in it.  So you are primarily holy because God dwells in you.

This week in the life of the Sisters . . .

One Sister returned from a conference celebrating the holiness and gift of individuals with developmental disabilities.  And in turn this experience allowed her own holiness to shine.


Another Sister returned from welcoming new Redeemer Associates in Florida.  Their holiness displayed in following the Spirit of the Redeemer in their daily lives of faith and service.

At home in Philadelphia the Redeemer Associates gathered for their monthly prayer and sharing with the Sisters.  They shared upon the book, Just Like Jesus by Max Lucado and reflected upon the grace of forgiveness that is central to holiness.  After all if the other is a temple of God, how can forgiveness by withheld.  If I am a temple of God how can I not forgive myself?

One Sister began her final journey home mid-week.  Well known for her many years of genuineness, compassion, and faith – a holy life – she died peacefully Saturday night.


A new week has begun.  Perhaps you will be courageous, or better yet, humble, and stand in front of your mirror to notice and reverence God’s dwelling place that you are.  You may want to ask for a particular help or grace to let God’s love flourish in you.