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Week of January 11th – Baptized and Beloved

“You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.”

Jesus heard these words of the Father upon being baptized in the Jordan river by John the Baptist (Mark 1:7-11).


These words are also spoken to us at our baptism as we become children of God; beloved children.

Jesus’ baptism was also the beginning of his public ministry – announcing the kingdom of God in word and deed.

We are called into mission by our baptism as well – to proclaim with our lives the love and mercy of God – to be a loving presence in the world.

This week the Sisters lived out their baptismal call as daughters of God, Sisters of the Redeemer

by visiting children at an orphanage in Honduras;

by joining Redeemer Associates as they gathered for their monthly prayer and sharing. Redeemer Associates deepen their baptismal call by participating in the spirituality of the Sisters through prayer and service in their own unique lifestyles;

by participating in a high school vocation retreat day, sharing the call to Consecrated Life and encouraging young people to embrace God’s presence and special message for them as children of God;

by celebrating the lives of three Sisters who celebrated their birthdays this week – rejoicing in their presence among the community, rejoicing in the God who creates, loves, and calls;

by providing extra help over the weekend at the Sisters’ food pantry in North Philadelphia, providing nourishment for God’s children;

As you enter into a new week, you may want to recall your own baptism, whether you were just a baby or made the choice later in life.

Now sit a moment with God and hear God’s voice in your heart,
“You are my beloved (insert your name), with you I am well pleased.”