Week of March 8th – Celebrating Sisters, Celebrating God

Diverging a bit from the usual format, this week’s blog highlights National Catholic Sisters Week, celebrating the life and ministries of Sisters.  You can learn more about this national event at http://www.nationalcatholicsistersweek.org/about.php.

As Sisters of the Holy Redeemer, our lives went on as usual, but in reflecting on “the usual” we notice how in unexpected ways we were celebrating and sharing our lives with others this week.

During this week the Sisters on our General Council, Sisters from Germany, Tanzania and the United States, are meeting in Germany carrying out the responsibility and gift of leadership as we strive to deepen our international collaboration for the sake of the Gospel and the good of the world. For example, refugees have found a safe secure place to begin life anew in Europe at the Motherhouse in Germany.

A Sister and a candidate of the Congregation in America participated in a High School retreat with other Sisters and Seminarians sharing about vocation, discernment, Religous Life and the joy we have found by following Jesus in this way of life.


At the end of the week several young religious from various congregations in the Philadelphia diocese gathered informally to share a meal, conversation and prayer together as a way to encourage, inspire and share our stories with one another in this Year of Consecrated Life.  As courageous stories from the history of our congregations arose, we noted how we have claimed them as our own stories – these are the shoulders we stand upon as we also journey into unknown territiories.

A special Mass was held at one of the Sisters’ ministries on Friday to celebrate all the religious Sisters who are residents or work at this particular ministry site.  There are at least 6 differenct congregations represented.  We celebrate our common call and our unique Charisms.  Of course, as with all celebrations, Mass was proceded by cake and ice cream!

Also on Friday one of the Sisters who is active with the Congregation’s Garden ministries welcomed back the 2nd Grade students to this year’s garden season.  The children planted over 300 seeds in the greenhouse as they look forward to working in the school garden.  Many busy energetic hands got the job done in an hour!  Working with the soil and getting dirty hands was the highlight for many of the students 🙂  It is a joy to share God’s creation with young people.

greenhouse planting

You may wish to take time to celebrate the gift of your life and faith.  Notice how in little ways – and big – your joy reaches out to others.  Give thanks to God!  Have a blessed week.