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Week of April 19th – Made for Wonder

“Know that the Lord does wonders for his faithful one” (Psalm 4).

How wonderful to consider that God is the giver of wonders!  And to consider that we are then called to receive wonders.

The Sisters of the Holy Redeemer reflect on the gift of wonder they have received and experienced in these past days.  Because there was no blog posting last week there is an additional week of wonders to recall.

Going back to April 12th the Sisters recall their annual Pancake Breakfast event and the wonderful experience of welcoming so many guests, volunteers, and arts & craft vendors to the Provincialate.  The Sisters recall the good-natured friendly atmosphere all brought to the breakfast.  Then again how could a pancake breakfast not make for happiness!


That same week two of the Sisters traveled to Florida – a wonder in itself! – to meet the students at a Catholic University and share the wonder of religious life.  What a gift to meet young people open to God’s presence and call in their lives.  While in Florida, the Sisters were also able to gather with the Redeemer Associates to reside in that area.  Twenty Associates turned out for a simple meal, prayer and sharing.  We celebrate God’s work in lay men and women who are attracted to our spirituality and seek to live it out in their own lives through prayer, community and service.

Ave Maria Vocation event

Florida Associates

Upon returning from Florida, the Sisters noticed the gradual emerging of Spring in the North and the wonder of new life as the earth wakens in a wonder of color. They agreed that while Florida is nice, the change of seasons is even better 🙂


The end of the week brought the first ever “Night at the Races” event to raise funds for the Sisters’ food cupboard ministry.  With wonder the Sisters observed the amazing turn out and participation of so many generous people with hearts to feed the hungry.

night at the races

One of the former Redeemer Ministry Corps Volunteers returned for a visit that same weekend and joined right in with the fundraiser – what a wonderful presence – thank you, Tracy!


This past week the Sisters joined in celebrating one of the Sisters on her 70th Birthday.  Such an event gives pause to celebrate the wonder of life and each other.  Happy Birthday Sister Mary David!

Finally, the Sisters garden minsitry is full of wonder as the Spring brings the planting and tending of both the community and school gardens as well as the initiation of new projects that were planned over the winter months.  This week some of the gardening wonders included first harvest for the first farm market, visit of students to the school garden for strawberry, broccoli and potoato planting including the wonder of dirt and bugs, and the completion of significant fence project.  Thank you to all the gardeners involved in these wonderful experiences!

school garden

This reflection leads to the awarness that all these wonders are gifts from God, who does wonders for his people.  The awareness in turn leads to heartfelt gratitude for the God who provides for our needs over and over again.  Thank you, God!

As you begin this new week, may your eyes, ears, mind, and heart be open to noticing all the wonders around you.  Perhaps you can make a note of all you notice and offer gratitude to God as your prayer.