Week of May 10th – “That they may be one”

Beginning this week, posts will be a reflection on the Sisters past week based on the current Sunday’s Scripture readings.   For example, today’s posts will draw upon today’s scripture readings (Sunday, May 17th)  as the lens to reflect upon the events in the Sisters’ lives leading up to today.  Without further ado  . . .

Scripture reflection . . .

Today’s Gospel is Jesus’ prayer, ‘Holy Father, keep them in your name that you have given me, so that they may be one just as we are one’ (John 17: 11-19).

This prayer gives much reflection upon unity, reconciliation, healing, wholeness, restoring peace, communion.  For the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer we turn to our spirituality and Charism of our Congregation for guidance to be instrument of healing by opening our lives and hearts to God’s love and mercy – to allow the Spirit of Jesus to work in and through us.

This brings us to the first words of Jesus’ prayer, ‘keep them in your name.’   A name is very much a person’s identity, their being is wrapped up in it.  Think of the name of the closest person in your life and it is very likely the essence of who they are comes to mind as well.  It is in the name and essence of God they we are one; it is God who brings us together.  It is God who inspires, who guides, who brings about unity.  The words from the First letter of St. John remind us of this, ‘Beloved, if God so loved us, we also must love one another.’ (4:11-16).  God initiates by loving us first, as Jesus revealed.

 . . . in the life of the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer . . .

Reflecting on the events of the past week, the Sisters notice how God, and the name of the Redeemer has brought about unity:

Last weekend brought the arrival of 3 guests from Germany, our General Superior along with two administrators within the Sisters’ ministries in Germany.  Their presence brings to light the growing experience of Sisters and their lay co-workers drawn together by the name of the Redeemer to not only work together but to be formed in ever deeper faith to allow God’s Spirit to bring all to greater awareness of the signs of the times and to seek ways to meet these needs.

One of the Sisters participated in orientation for new employees to the Sisters’ sponsored ministries.  Here she met many individuals drawn together by their gifts and desire to be a healing presence. Perhaps for the first time they learned about the Mission that is inspired by the Redeemer.

On Tuesday the Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteers joined one of the Redeemer Sisters in the Redeemer Valley Community Garden for planting and harvesting early spring crops.   Again the name of the Redeemer drew them together to participate in one cause.

RMC garden day

One of the Sisters and the guests from Germany participated in a program for leaders within the Sisters’ sponsored ministries.  Here they gathered together to learn more about the foundations of Catholic Health Care, primarily the healing ministry of Jesus.

On Ascension Thursday, the Sisters and Redeemer Associates (lay men and women drawn to share in the Sisters’ spirituality) gathered for Mass and a welcoming of new Associates during a commitment ceremony.  Another experience of unity in the name of the Redeemer.

first committment

On Friday, the 2nd Grade students visited the school garden for the final time during the school year. The time began by visiting the chapel to offer a prayer for the garden and each other as we head toward summer, remembering that it is faith that has brought all together.

 . . . and for your life

As you enter into this new week, as we move closer to Feast of Pentacost, may you notice the moments inspired by the name of God and the Spirit of Unity. You may wish to reflect on how God’s love for you moves you to reach out to others in love.