May 31st – Made in the image of Community

Today is the feast of the Most Holy Trinity.  We celebrate Father, Son and Holy Spirit; a community of unity.  As God is 3 persons, we, created in the image of God, are created for community.

Scripture Reflection

Today’s Gospel of Matthew describes the disciples reaction to the appearance of the risen Jesus, “When they saw him, they worshiped, but they doubted” (28:16-20).  Here we see the reality of humanity as we carry both faith and trust; doubt and anxiety.

Jesus reminds them “I am with you always” (28:20).  A good reminder that we are not alone, nor can we go at anything alone.  We as people, need others to thrive and to support and encourage each other on our faith journey.  We are created for community.

In the life of the Sisters . . .

The Sisters of the Holy Redeemer celebrate the gift of community as we reflect on our experiences of the past week:

On Memorial Day, the Sisters, Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteers, and others  gathered for Mass and a picnic as we remembered those who have given so much if not everything for our freedom.  We are grateful for the ability to gather as a faith community – to worship together and to celebrate together.

This same day two of the Sisters departed for Germany to be a part of the larger congregation there as they anticipate leadership meetings and home visits – as one of the Sisters is from Germany.  Again the significance of community – whether family or religious life.  We gathered to offer a travel blessing at the end of Mass and to wave them off when they departed.

Several of the gardeners from the Sisters’ community garden gathered for their informal garden meeting.  Since the days are longer and warmer, meetings can take place in the garden, which provides a great sense of community with one another and all of creation.  All were grateful for a the peaceful environment at the end of the day.

On Friday several high school students from a local school visited the community garden for a day of service.  They truly worked together to plant a field with melons, winter squash and pumpkins!  It was a gift to hear them chatting and laughing as they worked together on this project.  without community there is very little we can accomplish on our own.

AHS service day

As the week came to an end, several Eagle Scouts gathered to complete a renewal of the Grotto space to make it an inviting place to rest and pray.  Their day-long project as a community resulted in a beautiful creation. Again the power of community to transform.

While these may be highlights of the week, the Sisters experience community daily as we gather for prayer and Mass each morning, are mindful of one another as they go about their daily ministries and as they return together for dinner and prayer in the evening – sharing the days experiences and the presence of the God with them and their encounters with others.  It is in our connections with other, our experience of community, that we truly know that God is with us . . . always.

. . . And in your life:

As you begin this new week, you may wish to find a quiet space to pray and imagine the Holy Trinity with you, surrounding you and drawing you into this community of love.  You may also wish to notice and seek out experiences of community with others that nurtures and supports your faith.

Blessings on your week!