June 14th – Home is where the heart is.

Scripture Reflection . . .

The Second Reading from Scripture for Sunday, June 14th contains the line “Therefore, we aspire to please him, whether we are at home or away” (2 Corinthians 5:6-10).

In the Life of the Sisters . . .

This is a fitting line for the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer as this past week there was much traveling among the Sisters, whether to another country, another state, another city, or another event.

One Sister returned from retreat at the beginning of the week and by mid-week the community’s newest member also returned from her first retreat since entering the community.

On Monday the two Sisters who had been in Germany for Congregational and family visits returned to a happy welcome.

Monday also brought the annual golf outing fundraising even hosted by one golf outingof the Sisters’ ministries. Some of the Sisters traveled to participate in this event – as volunteers not golfers 🙂








Two Sisters returned from Chicago on Wednesday evening after a week-long sessionForMission on the spirituality of religious life.









Each day the Sisters venture out to be present to those they encounter in their ministries whether it be at the front desk of the skilled nursing facility, pastoral care visits in the hospital, accompaniment of staff as they carry out the mission of Catholic health care, serving at the food cupboards or in the community garden; guidance of the Sisters in their personal, communal and spiritual lives; and in so many other ways.

This week’s readings contain messages pertaining to the kingdom of God, a kingdom that is subtle but pervasive – in our midst whether we notice it or not (Ezekiel 17:22-24; Mark 4:26-34); A kingdom of love and mercy.  Thus we can know and trust that we are “home” in God no matter where we are or where we go when we recognize and share this same love and mercy – attributes of the heart.   Truly “home” is where the heart is no matter where we are.

 In your life  . . .

As you venture into this new week – whether you will be at home or away – may you be conscious of the movements of your heart and the kingdom of God within and around you.  You might wish to jot down your experiences of love and mercy in a journal or notebook.