July 26th – Left Overs

Scripture Reflection:

The Scripture readings for Sunday, July 26th continues to deepen the message contained in last Sunday’s readings: “The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want” (Psalm 23).  This week the Prophet Elisha sums it up when he speaks, “For thus says the Lord, ‘They shall eat and there shall be some left over’ ” (2 Kings 4: 42 – 44).  In the Gospel reading, Jesus instructs his apostles, “Gather the fragments left over so that nothing will be wasted . . . and they filled twelve baskets with fragments . . .that had been more than they could eat” (John 6: 1-15). Not only does God satisfy our needs, God gives us abundance, there are left overs!

Sister Emmanuela, baker of  delicious bread in Germany
Sister Emmanuela, baker of delicious bread in Germany


In the Second Reading from Ephesians, St. Paul, describes the attitude that flows from a response to God’s call:  humility, gentleness, patience, love, peace, and unity (4:1-6).  God’s abundant love for us, calls us to share this gift with others.  An attitude of humility and love is what makes for left overs, there is no need to hoard for control or security – there is no fear of scarcity.  We bring what we have and who we are, like the boy in the Gospel who had five loaves and two fish, and God blesses it and multiplies it.

In the lives of the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer . . .

This past week reveals God abundant provision for our lives.

Sunday marked 15 years since our faith formation ministry for children and families, known as Wirblewind (German for Whirlwind) began in Germany.  Since it began it has continued to grow, attract more volunteers and families, and even moved to a location that offers more space.  We celebrate God’s blessing of abundance upon this unique ministry of our Congregation.


On Monday, one of our Sisters traveled to Chicago for a training program and another Sister left for Retreat.  We pause in gratitude for the abundant opportunities we have for faith enrichment and development.

We literally had an abundance of left overs this week as we gathered on more than one occasion for out of the ordinary events, which of course are celebrated with a meal.  On Wednesday, we welcomed a former member of the community who is visiting for a few days.  God has blessed us with continued relationships.  On Thursday we celebrated the Birthday of one of our Sisters with one of her favorite dishes – spaghetti!

This week was also the last week of ministry for the Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteers as they prepare to conclude their year of service next week.  We thank God for sharing his abundant blessings through these 3 young women.  The “left overs” from their experiences this year will lead them into their next endeavors with greater compassion: health professions and graduate school.  We are so grateful for their generous presence and service with us this past year.

Finally, we noticed the neighboring farmer beginning to prepare our field for hay making.  First the field has been cut and the hay left to dry before baling.  He will then use the hay to feed his livestock.  We are grateful we can share the abundant fruit of the land with our neighbors.

cut hay 2015

In your life . . .

You may wish to remember a time when you wondered what you could do with the little you had:  limited resources, time, energy, abilities, direction.  How did you share your need with God? How was God present to you? What was the outcome and where there any “left overs”?

” . . .you open your hand to satisfy the desire of every living thing . . .                                                                       The Lord is near to all who call upon him”  (Psalm 145).